Will Microsoft leads Google in Ai rivalry battle? AI budget, Ai Technology, AI Future

Budget in AI

Big investement is done in the field of AI by two tech giant i.e Micorsoft and Google. Microsoft have invested in OpenAI which developed ChatGPT of About USD 10 billion, where as Google invested 300 million in Anthropic.

The investment made by Microsoft is huge in comparison to google, but Google has made enormous contribution in filed of AI development. OpenAI released GPT-4 in Febraury 2023, and ChatGPT in November 2022. The release of ChatGPT has change the way of viewing artificial intelligence, which has more than million of users till now.

John McCarthy one of the founding father of AI with Marvin Minsky and Alan Turing. Now, development in this field have changed the way world think Artificial Intelligence. Million people have risk of loosing job. The job done by AI will be of less cost and easy for repeatitve task. However, new jobs are added due to Artificial Intelligence, so people should be update to this changing world.

Google fears losing its technological edge and market dominance in AI, due to rapid growth of Microsoft. Due to decrease in the Search the profit will decrease significant in comparison to previous year.

Chat GPT

Due to vast user of ChatGPT the potential of AI can change the way of thinking the world. With over 200 million users, it serves 2.53 percent of global population, which can be a potential misinformation, disinformation and distortion by ChatGPT. The investment of 10 billion on OpenAI has made positive impact on global market about the use of AI and its possibility. Huge investment leads to make AI growth rapid in future and help to dominate the global market.

Google Bard

Google bard receives a total budget of 300 Million and predict to reach to 1 billion users but due to aggression of other it may not be able to reach. But the impact of Bard is not known till now, but Google have made huge contribution in AI in internal system.

The rivalry between Google and Microsoft has driven to push boundaries of AI and advancement in development, helping public to get advantage of AI.


These investments and high value and potential of AI technology in shaping our future and influence and market share in AI field giving them a competitive edge and capabilities.


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