ChatGPT, First office outside of US, London. Is London being an artificial Intelligence hub.

OpenAI, is opening a new office in London, the first workspace outside of the US. This workspace will focus on research, engineering and market function. After release of ChatGPT OpenAi has become the most prominent company and millions of users are in warnings of job losses and it growths.

Chief executive of OpenAI’s Sam Altman, visited the UK on a European tour and said he was scouting for an international office and also considering location including France. In this workspace CEO is expecting to see the contributions towards building and deploying safe AI.

Different job advert for a London-based office has been opened and remotely, main operation in San Francisco & it will be focusing in developing AI technolgy and policies surrounding it.

Google Artificial intelligence lab, DeepMind, Palantir and other giant have office in London.
AI would allow machines to essentially think of themselvers rather than carry out specific, limited task, also based on the previous data and nature of data feed.
The growth of OpenAI also creates more challange to big giant companies who are working in AI. The Expansion of workspace means aggressive on marketing and development in this field. Huge budget and no of growing users make difficult for smaller companies to struggle in the Field. Giant Competitor make AI growth more rapid in comparision to past and will help to create new tools for general public.

Many fear of lossing job but also it creates new job in present senario. As it grows what impact would it creates? Many people fears about future conditions? Also people with less skills get negative impact and who are unable to update to present senerio have more fear. As the world get new shaped by COVID-19, Will Artificial Intelligence shapes this world differently? Many more question arises as growth increases in present case. People fears of it presence as well as enjoy with its growth.


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