Japan ahead than Europe Union in AI, Softer rules for Artificial Intelligence , drive economic growth and chip leardership.

Japan incline softer rules governing the use of Artificial Intelligence than European Union, which will bost economic growth and make technology advance and leader in advance chips in few years. This rules will likely to be closer to the U.S in Artificial Intelligence. This will help to extend the horizon for the development of Artificial intelligence in Japan.

Growth of AI in Japan than EU
Softer japanese apporach could dull EU effort to establish its rules as a global benchmark, with requirements such as companies disclosing copyrighted material used to train AI system that generates content like text and graphis. Which is also measure approach for growth of AI in Japan. The vision to be leader in AI will boost the economic growth and helps to be leader in global market. The required investment to be leader in Artifical intelligence on chips, data and the human mind is huge in present context.  EU is less about how to promote innovation as seen in present context, democracy and various factors may hider the development of AI. If japan can improve growth in Artificial Intelligence then Economy of Japan will rise for decades, the potential of Artificial intelligence is huge as seen in present context.

AI among China, USA and other nations
As the AI is among technolgy including advance semiconductors and quantum computers are in race with China. There is huge demand in semiconductors and quantam computer in this decade, so the growth of business can be determined by the production of chips. Next generation companies will skyrocket business if they produce chips with market growth and advancement.

Population decline and labour shortage
For japan, AI could help cope with the population decline that is causing a labour shortage in labour market, number of aging people are increasing and population growth rate is low. Which will increase demand for advance chips that government rapid plans to manufacture as part of an industrial policy aimed at regaining japan’s lost lead in technology. Japan has more roborts than other countries, Japan is ahead in the world in the field of robotics with highly competitive research, development and applied technologies. If Artificial Intelligence is added to roborts then there is huge transformation of technology.

GPU power of Japan and OpenAI
Computing power in japan is far behind that of the United state of America in availability of graphics processing unit to train data. The computing power of OpenAI is more than 10 times of japan in present senario. Japan should invest in GPU’s to increase the Power of AI in training the date. According to experts, Japan lags significantly behind the United States in computing power and availability fo graphics processing units(GPUs) which is necessary for training of Artificial Intelligence by data.

AI, OpenAI and Microsoft
The giant behiend OpenAI Microsoft are simulating excitement and concerned due to potential transform of business and general in society. The impact or revolution cause by it cannot be predicted as its growth continuous in society and business. Increase in growth of OpenAI has created positive impact in the field of generative AI. Due to this the growth seen in investment in infrastructure and rules and policies.

Hope the growth of Artificial Intelligence will create positive impact in society and business, More job will be created in near future.

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