AI in tackling scams in Banks.
Will AI prevent this type of fraud?
None of the UK’s biggest bank have signed up to use consumer fraud risk system previously but now they have signed. Trained on years of transaction data, the tool help to predict whether someone is trying to transfer funds to an account affiliated with authorized push payment scams. This type of fraud involves tricking the victim into money to the acount falsely posing as a legitimate payee. Previously banks haven’t been liable for this type of fraud. TSB banking group Plc, the first bank to implement fraud detection of this type of fraud. This will be the biggest improvement in fraud prevention.

Mastercard was able to provide risk score which has infrastructure for real time electronic transfer, more than past five years. How scammer transfer amount into series of account to help difficult to track the amount and hard to detect.

Each many people have been victimed by the scammers. The easiest way for scammers to fraud the innocent people and trick them sending them amout. They create different story each time they fraud the victim.

By analysing the data it would be easier to detect this type of fraud. Scammer will be identified by the pattern, they follow in the transfer of amount in different account.

Ai in Sport, Wimbledon

Tennis players began competing for esteemed tennis trophy, wimbledon. But Artificial intelligence is taking over the commentary in the match this year.
New AI powered commentry have been provided through the app by use of AI technology. IBM AI platorm analyse ball tracking data, player movement, player location, type of shots being used on the cort and according to these date Artificial generate commentary based on the information.
In april US Masters golf tournment used AI commentry. Now AI based commentry is also rising. The viewer have option to listen or mute AI commentry, if they want natural sound from cort they have option provided in website.

AI draw analysis has been introduced in tennis which helps to calculate a statistic determining the likelihood of each player’s path to the final in the singles draw. The advancement on sports creates new opportuinity for the couch and country in developing the vision, strategies in the match. Increasing use of AI in sport will help the clubs to make new strategy, new concept in playing the match and provides more entertainment to the viewers or supporters.

AI in coding
Will there be human in programmers in 5 years?

The answer to above question might be no. As the growth of Artificial Infrastructure, and the physical infrastructure the power of computing is rising.  Due to these factors it will be easy to implement AI in coding and reduces the cost of coding. The time will be also less for Artificial Intelligence to compute the task as compared to human programmers.
CEO of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque has a predction as AI increasily transform there will be no programmers in five years. As the current status of the AI Industry there will be less likely to be human programmers. The future doesnot look bright to human coders, AI will replace human in human coding. Github data reveals that 41% of all code now is AI generated. Concerned about job security, AI will eliminate the programming job in few years. It is like writing a code to replace the coder but future is difficult to predict as the increasing in AI.

As now AI generate images which is difficult to predict real or generated. This is also big change in image processing and image generating.

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