Google training Bard on Web Scraped data also.
The Search Giant Google, Parent company Alphabet has update its privacy policy to inculde Bard and Cloud AI alongside Google Translate under services where data may be used.

Google Privacy Policy

On 1st July 2023, Google’s Privacy policy says that Google uses information to improve its services to develop new product, features, technlogy which means Google is traing Bard on data to train Google’s Artificial Intelligence model and build products and feature like Google Translate, Bard and Cloud AI capabilities. This updated policy provides more clarity that it is training by using data. Which means Google is more aggressive in devloping more advance AI in current situation. Public available data will be used to train AI model. Updated policy specifies that public available information is used to train Google AI product but it doesnot clarify how this giant is using it to develop the model.

Publicly available data and Law Impact
Many webiste which can be publicly accessible have policies that ban using its data for training model or webscarping for other purposes, which caused trouble for ChatGPT chatbot. The Italian Data Protection Authority(GPDP) accused OpenAI for voilating EU data protection rules and restricted company over Italy. On 28th April it attempted to fix making minor change to service as an victory. German, Spain and Italy are investigating on data collected by OpenAI. Strict law on different nations creates trouble for giants on collecting and using data, which create huge loss to the company. Law are made according to necessacity of people and there are no such law about AI in many nation as growth increases problem also increases and it creates trobule.

Old web is dying due to AI and new struggles to born. 

Increase market competation and law makes more complicated to AI system to traing the data which might includes social media post, copyrighted work, arts, Pictures, Authors content, and many more items. Also there is concern whether collected data is processed and will it be used to contribute to development of Artificial system.
Also AI technolgy have help to giant search engine to hold monopoly over digital ad market and criticizied for straving website traffice. Ai is decreasing webtraffic data that website could get. All the information public available are trained by AI models and used. Which decreases revenue for website which don’t struggle to survive.

Twitter and Reddit ban freely collecting and traing data

Also Twitter and Reddit have recently taken drastic measures to prevent other company to freely collect and traing on this data. The change and limitation palced on this platform have adverse affect on collecting data from this platforms for training.

Trouble about collected data

Also collected data if contains personal information how this giant will used it. Also it is big fear for big giant companies if people found out. People post personal sensative information and some times data leaked issuses also create problem. Leaked personal infromation if used to train data for Artificial Model then what will happen to people who are unkown about their information.

Hope, Google training Bard on Web Scraped data will help public to utilize the advance AI platform in upcomming day.

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