Amazon in race with Microsoft, Google in AI

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon, believes that the retail and cloud computing behemoth shouldn’t be written off from the fight for artificial intelligence just yet.In comparison to Microsoft and Google, Amazon has fallen behind in race. Chatbots and language models used by giants are forward in comparison to Amazon in search engines. As most people focuses on the application, like ChatGPT which brought awarness up, but the generative Artificial have macro layers.

Amazon Investement in AI 

In Amazon Cloud Amazon is investing 100 million, which is one third of tech Giant Google and 1/10 of another Giant Microsoft. Amazon intends to invest in Artificial Intelligence across the company to improve the customer experience to Amazon Web Services as business that can capitalize on the buzz around AI over the long term.

Amazon web services 

Amazon web services unveiled a generation AI called Bedrock, Where client uses language models from Amazon to startup to develop chatbots and image generative services. Now this services not popular due to the increase use of other AI tools and technology. Midjourney is powerful for generationg images by using prompt.

Amazon in AI specific chips, Inferentia & Tranium
Aamzon web service have developed Inferentia and Trainium, AI-specific chips which can be used to run large AI language model in cloud. As this chips are against to chip giants Nvidia, Intel who have dominated the chip market for more decades. Amazon considers this chips have better performance and better price in comparison to other available chips.

Amazon Code Whisper

In June 2022, Amazon CodeWhisperer which helps developer to suggest the code and generates code will be best tool for developer. Ai pair programming tool was trained according to Amazon on billions of lines of code drawn from open source repositories, internal Amazon repositories, API documentation, and forums. Google have Google Transformer-based hybrid semantic ML code completion. So all big giants have their AI Pair programming tools, for their developers working on the company itself.  While Github Co-pilot is avialable on few dollar per months. Now there are many tools availble to developers.

Economic condition 

Due to the economic condition Amazon have just layoffs 27000 employees in the history, paused the expansion of fresh supermarket. Also ending a virtual tour service and a video calling device for kids and its care telehealth service. Amazon who have created more job directly and indirectly is not in phase of scalling business. Economic crises may affect indirectly to the big giant. The main thing is how will it face this challange and make the future better for company, employee and millions of costumer.

Day by day there is huge investment in AI by giant to make their service better.  The market for AI is in growing phase and the jobs are created in one hand, and in other hand jobs are replaced by Artificial Intelligence also. Pro’s and con’s overweights the opportuinity and challanges created in this field. New challanges are created as this tools are created. Smaller and old companies are strugling to adapt to this field. Hope all happens for good reason.  Hope to see AI in every field in comming days!…

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