AI in Tourism. How AI is changing the Travel Industry?

Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidely in every industry, in recent days the use of AI in Tourism and travel Industry in is increasing phase.

Chatbots and Online Customer Service
Chatbots are used to provide the information about the place, hotels, lodge, time and history of the place. It will provide details information to the toursim and become a personal assistant. As single person don’t have complete knowledge about every detail but as once AI model is trained with data it will provide authentic data, service to the customer. AI powered customer solutions and digital channels, customer care automation also provides many business benefits, in converstion AI has improving customer satisfaction, decreasing costs, and increasing revenue.

Flight Forecasting
AI have capability to select the cheapest flight to the customer and manage all the requirement of the flight. Also AI have power to suggest the cheapest route and less transit for a long distance flight. It can select the best places to visit.

Social Media Channel Analysis
Each seconds people post valuable date in social media, Airlines use this to know the behaviour of the traveller through social media. If a customer publish the delay, behaviour, and the detail of airlines it helps to anlayze the data and get it as a feedback. Compnay gets chance to satisfy or fulfill costomer needs by identifying such posts in the social media. It helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Increased efficiency
Different applications, like the international hotel search engine, is a machine learning company that has recommendation and personalization technology, which allows for a customer-centric approach. The algorithm offers a tailored experience with travel recommendations that identify user trends on social media which compares the trends to internal data from users with similar interests and recommend a best option available.Many travel recommendation platform, uses natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning to help hotels and the travel industry to get popular serviece. Which also increase the chance to get more customer satisfaction.

Improved customer experience
AI can deal with many customers and listen to many customers at once without missing details. Also AI have expert knowledge so customer can be satisfied and it creates good perfomance. Customer satisfaction will be better.

Improve customer safety and comfort
Many customers are comfortable with the majority of AI application in their daily lives today.

Challenges involved with adopting AI

Although there are more advantages but there are also challanges involve in adapting. Every customer may not have knowlege of latest tools and techniques, so they will be in problem and difficult to adapt to new technolgy. All the suggestion provided by Artificial Intelligence will not be good as human in few context. Some people need human companion rather than AI in real life.

Integration with existing systems
Travel planning is expected to be more comfortable and easy in next coming years with the tendency to increase mobile applications, web application, smart devices that provide personalized end-to-end travel planning. These applications may include new capabilities like tracking passenger health by integrating with wearable technologies and recommending safe travel zones and safety.

Data quality
Huge amount of data is generate every second in travel industry. This date is gem for travel company if they analyze it effectively.

As the growth of AI increases, this sector also will be benefited by AI.

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