Google’s medical AI(Med-PaLM 2) Chatbot is tested in hospital.
Google’s Med-PaLM 2, an AI tool designed to aswer the question about medical information has been sucessfully testing at the Mayo Clinic research hospital, among others, since April. PaLM 2 is the language model underpinning Google’s Bard. This is another major sucess for tech Giant Google in implementing AI in mediciene.

Med_PaLM 2 better than other chatbots

Med-PaLM 2 is trained on a curated set of medical expert demonstrations, which is better at health care converstations than general chatbots like Bard, Bing, ChatGPT and other chatbots. People still search in other chat bots about medical questions but there is less change to get accurate date in this chatbots. Medical issues are serious and it is difficult to believe the answers provided by chatbots, but it will helps medical person to diagonesis, study, and treat the patient to easily. Due to previous data it is easy to analysis and draw pattern for same issues.

Google Med-PaLM 2 in starting phase

Med-PaLM 2 suffers some accuracy issues, in the study physicians found more inaccuracy and irrelevant information in answer provided by it than of other doctors. Being in early stage it suffered some accuracy issues but as being trained on large data it will provide more accurate informations. It is believed to expands 10 times. Also human health is also depends of phsychology of the person. The more turst it  gains the more seedy recover of patient. So the mode must be accurate to cure more patient than current. The growth will be vertical as the increase in demand of AI and help to individual about the disease.

AI in mediciene (Brain Cancer)
Cryosection Histopathology Assesement and Review machine(CHARM), or CHARM, studies images to quickly pick out the genetic profile of a kind of tumour called glioma. This tool is he;ong doctors fight against brain tumors by identifying characteristics that help guide the surgery of cancer cells. Using image processing it help to know about the  cancer cell also due to big model there is easy to predict and help for surgeon about the disease.

Steps for finding Brain Cancer, And its efficiency.

It studies images to quickly and pick out genetic profile of a kind of tumour called glioma, a process that currently takes few days or week to process. Surgeons use detailed diagonses to guide them while they operate , it helps to rapidly improve patients and helps to complete multiple surgeries.
Glioma varies servrity and some leads to deaths within 6 months if untreated. Only few survive form this.
Surgeons use information to know how much tissues ot remove from brain cells and help to decide to implant wafers coated in cancer fighting drugs, getting this infromation requires few week previously. If this tool have 100 percentage accuracy then the treatment will be instant and will take few days instead of few week to treat the patient. Increase in data it tool will help to provide more accurately in future days.

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