How AI is helping in business?
As the growth of AI is increasing in recent days. But the growth is rapid, Governments, researchers and AI developers think now about it needs for regulation.

Growth of AI includes risks, potential impacts on people’s job and privay, but the rules and regulation about AI is lacking behind. Due to lack of rules the growth is increasing and there is less hinderance on it. As increase in generative Artificial Intelligence people have changed the way of thinking about AI.

If the data used to train AI is form certain race or gender in different roles, then AI will provide bias result, Which creates discrimination among the society. Also how the recommendation is provide is the main factor to determine whether the result is biased or not.

For example if someone ask question to ChatGPT or text generation to summarize the speech or about person then the result might be distrubing or shoking, who’s to judge whether it is a biased summary or perfect?

The government should define a standard for how AI technologies are built and how these standards are made clear to consumers and employees. How Ai is developed and the risk of bad person on negative humars in AI can create voilance.

AI accelerates, so does the urgency for standards and regulations, as well as awareness of both the risks and the opportunities.

New regulations is helping shine a new light on how to consider bias in people-related decisions, such as in talent — and yet, as these technologies are adopted by people both in and out of work, the responsibility is greater than ever for business and HR leaders to understand both the technology and the regulatory landscape and lean in to driving a responsible AI strategy in their teams and businesses.

AI should be used in School for Learning, Instead of banning.

AI should be used in school for teaching, learning activities among students. It gives the idea to student and help student in different formats, writting articles, doing assignments. Many school banned ChatGPT entirely due to its use by students, but how student use must to key point. Instead of fear, if school taught a good way to use AI in learning activity and improve student standard of knowledge then the grade and knowledge would be bes. If this is not proper utalized then the society then it will be the same mistake previous generation have made or moving in the same way and expect the difference.

Many school/teachers think AI will make student lazy on study but it can help student to expand their horizon. Many school think student will use it for educational purpose and they will not work, they just copy form the generated text and submit homework, but that might not be always the case. Some student use it to get their interest of subject and help themself explorer themself to their subject of interest. So, the educational instutional should think about that and give student freedom to use AI and help them to focus on study or research.

Using AI as an assistant is very prolific in present context, so educational institute should accelerate in utilizating AI.



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