Why Apple don’t talk about AI, while other can’t stop about A.I.

The most powerful technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, cannot stop talking about artificial intelligence but Apple barely talks about artificial intelligence. Apple AI works in background and company don’t tell about it as other companise do because Apple doesn’t need to talk.
Different Giant CEO say AI in week’s earning but Apple don’t mention about. What might be the cause? Apple CEO Tim Cook only said AI twice that was only a response to a question, but it announced several features which is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

Apple use the phrase “machine learning,” which is more popular to talk about what software does for the user, such as organizing their photos, organizing their videos, improving their texting, or filling out fields in a PDF, filling out forms, as opposed to the technology that makes all that possible. So they don’t tell about AI insted they use it for their softwares.

Big giants like Meta, Microsoft, and Google are eager to sell services and developer tools, but it is unclear how AI could change their most important products or transform their product and effect to the users.

Apple Earning is form its Sales of Iphones, and Apple devices

Meanwhile, Apple still makes the huge amout of its money from iPhones sales $51.3 billion of its $94.84 billion in revenue during the Apple’s fiscal 2nd quarter. Why do Apple need to talk about a big AI game?Microsoft Copilot growth would take time and affects the company revenu. In next quater it is expected to get more revenue.Facebook is using AI technology and its application for ad targeting, recommending friends, recommending content from account user don’t follow.

What happens if consumer application for AI don’t meet expection, will all AI application generate revenue as expected.

Apple AI keyboard software, products and features.

Previous months, Apple announced new iPhone keyboard software which uses same model as GPT, showing that it has substantial internal development of AI models. However, the tech giant just don’t like to say about it, on the market yet to stoke investor anticipation.

Some analysts know that an investment opportunity based on new Artificial Intelligence products won’t be immediate and that the costs could stack up and create a burden and may slip in this changing market.



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