Dell on Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Dell is targeting enterprises to start building generative AI tools. Dell is not a software company, however it is entering in generative AI. Dell offering hardware to run powerful models and a new platform to help organizations get started for AI tools.

Dell Generative AI Solutions for clients to set up access to large language models and create generative AI projects which will be helpful for customers. Now company will offer new hardware setups, managed platforms, computers to run Artificial Intelligence project on Dell platform.

Dell for Laptop monitors, enterprise hardware now in AI
Dell was known for Laptops monitors, enterprise hardware but now it is involve in AI technology. Now Dell is in the race of AI with big giants, Alphabet, Meta, OpenAI, Microsoft. Now every one believes they need an Aritificial service to add more capability, more revenue, growth in buseiness, assist in job. Dell provides services platorms and faster infrastructure setups for company to experiment with AI. Now many companies have targeted customers to give service like generative Artificial Intelligence.

AI software and data storage

In order to help businesses run AI models more quickly, the company teamed with Nvidia on the infrastructure side, integrating Nvidia’s Tensor Core GPU with Dell’s enterprise AI software and data storage. According to Dell, new PCs with integrated AI will be compact, battery-efficient devices.

What Dell says about AI

Additionally, it introduced Dell Professional Services, a platform for managed services that enables users to experiment with generative AI models and address problems once they have been implemented into enterprises.
“Generative AI represents an inflection point that is driving fundamental change in the pace of innovation while improving the customer experience and enabling new ways to work,” said Jeff Clarke, co-COO of Dell, in a statement.

As the big companies are entering into AI market, it will acclerate the growth of AI in comming days.  AI will be next trillion dollar company.

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